Adult Sunday School (9:45 AM)


Parents of Children and Youth (Room 303, Adult Wing) Contact: Mandy and Steve Lloyd,

All parents of children and youth are invited to join this discussion based class.  Parenting is one of the hardest jobs, but it is also the only job we don’t receive any formal training!  Parenting can simultaneously be the most rewarding and the most exhausting part of our life.  If you’d like to connect with other parents and grow in your faith journey, please join us!  Our curriculum is a mix between bible study and discussions around parenting children and youth. Join us as we tackle what that means, and how to support and encourage one another in Christian love.


Re-Discovery Class (Room 302, Adult Wing) Contact: Rev. Judy Hall,

Contact Rev. Judy Hall at for additional questions or concerns.


Apostles and Other Folks (Room 304, Adult Wing) – Contact: Sandy Plate,

This class is made up of adults who have rich fellowship and lively discussion around a variety of books.  Each Sunday’s lesson stands alone, so if you have to miss a class, just join us the following week.  Everyone is welcome.


Growing in Faith (Room 305, Adult Wing) – Contact: Annabelle Linden,

This class welcomes adults that are interested in exploring books such as Rev. Adam Hamilton’s Confronting the Controversies, our present study.  This book takes us thru many issues that are important today such as Separation of church and State, Evolution, Death Penalty, Prayer in Schools, etc., and includes a DVD that is helpful for our Biblical understanding.
Howard Steele is our teacher and has had lots of experience guiding us in learning more about our Bible.  Come and join us in Room 305 during the Sunday School hour for fellowship and learning in a friendly atmosphere.


Contemporary Issues (Room 306, Adult Wing) – Contact: Bob Hull,

This class uses “The Wired Word,” a weekly email which shapes each week’s discussion around topics which are in the news during that week.  The class seeks to answer the question, “What is our Christian response to what is going on in the world?”


Hands Helping Humanity (Room 301, Adult Wing) – Contact: Ruth Ann Harrold,

Each Sunday this group gathers at 9:45 for fellowship and to knit hats, scarves, and sweaters for those in need in Appalachia and Northern Virginia. All levels of knitters are welcome.  Moreover, if you don’t know how to knit, they’d be happy to teach you.


Women of Faith Café (Wright Parlor, Information Hallway) – Contact: Annette Landers,

This group of adult women, aging in range from 30 -65 years of age, meets weekly and discusses various topics.  Class is very informal and the regulars who attend have become a strong support group to each other.   If you are not sure where to go during the 9:45 Sunday School hour, DROP IN and meet this friendly group of ladies.



During the Week

New Disciple Bible Study

Rev. Anne Hough will be leading a new Disciple Bible Study class beginning in September: Disciple 3: Remember Who You Are. This study covers the Old Testament Prophets (in their historical sequence rather than Biblical order) and the 13 letters traditionally attributed to Paul. This is only a 32-week study instead of 34! We will meet on Tuesdays from 7:00 – 9:30pm. The only requirement to take this class is that you have taken Disciple 1. If you would like to participate or have any questions, please email Anne asap as space is limited –


Monday Night Small Group

Monday evenings 7-9 PM, Room 302

For more information contact Todd Creekman ( and/or Mike McEntire (


Friday Morning Prayer/Worship

Friday mornings at 6:30-7 AM in the chapel


Led by: Nickie Moreno Howard,

Start of the morning by bringing your prayers and yourselves to God. No prior experience required, all are welcome to join us.