Fellowship Opportunities

20s and 30s Small Group–Contact Hannah Flanders at hannflan@gmail.com

For young adults in their 20s and 30s. We gather monthly for brunch, outings, and fellowship.


Parents of Children Small Group – Contact: Christine Moser, cmoser@stmatthewsumc.org

We share in the joys and struggles of parenting young children, and talk about how being a parent shapes our life of faith.  This group is geared towards families with children in early elementary school (kindergarten-2nd grade).


Baby Bunch Small Group—Contact:  Kim and Nate Phenicie, kaphenicie@gmail.com

Begins October 6th, 2018

A small group geared towards families with PreK children. We gather on the first Saturday of the month at 10 AM to share in our faith journey together.


Dinner of the Seasons – Contact: Walt Pumo, walterp279@aol.com

This adult fellowship meets in homes for dinner and fellowship in groups of eight.  The groups rotate quarterly. Contact Walt Pumo to become a part of this opportunity.


Friends of Naomi—Contact: Carol Johnson, 703-217-7964

This group is for people who have lost a spouse or partner to be in support and fellowship with one another.  This group meets once a month for fellowship and lunch.


Women’s Cancer Survivor Group—Contact Judy Jones, 703-455-4811

This group is for women who are dealing with cancer.  Church membership is not required.  Come and join women who understand the challenges you face. We will meet on Wednesday September 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wright Parlor.


Life Groups and Covenant Groups


Life Groups Open Membership Rotates

Chris Ligon, ligon.chris@gmail.com

Various Times/Dates

Beginning Sept. 16, 12:30pm

Life Groups are authentic Christian fellowship groups made up of 10-12 individuals. Group members commit to meeting regularly to study scripture, fellowship, share a meal, and serve. Life Groups are open to new members on a rotating basis; current groups begin Sunday, September 16.


Mustard Seed

Nickie Moreno Howard, nhoward@stmatthewsumc.org

Mustard Seed groups begin several years ago. Membership is occasionally open. Contact Pastor Nickie to learn more about covenant groups.