LGBTQ+ INCLUSION – WHAT’S NEXT IN THE UMC:  On June 23rd  we hosted  a facilitated informational meeting about the issues surrounding LGBTQ+ inclusion within the larger United Methodist Church last month. The discussions will affect all local churches, including St. Matthew’s.   The entire St. Matthew’s community was invited to attend and to submit feedback prior to the meeting.  See the links below  to see the discussion materials and the results of the post meeting survey completed by attendees.  The materials and the survey report were compiled by Stephanie Hixon, our facilitator from JustPeace UMC.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion – What’s Next for the UMC

Post-Meeting Feedback Summary SMUMC

The discussions at St. Matthew’s around LGBTQ+ inclusion are continuing. The discussion group meets at alternating times 9:45 or 11:15 on Sunday mornings. All are welcome to attend. Currently, the group is discussing a proposal for a church wide survey to bring to Church Council and the desire to establish a Reconciling group during the Sunday School hour in the fall.

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