Director of Worship (Contemporary Music Leader):

StatusPart-time Other

Position Available:  Immediately

Hours15 hours per week, including evening and weekends.


Position Overview:

The Worship Leader will lead congregational music in worship at the 9:45 worship service, a service that utilizes the contemporary music model but also incorporates hymns and ancient texts. The Worship Leader will be a faithful Christian who has a passion for worship and is open to working in a team environment. The Worship Leader will have vocal and instrumental proficiency and be able to recruit members for the praise band when needed.  Knowledge of worship songs and hymns and the ability to incorporate both in services are critical.


  1. Assist Pastors in leading worship at 9:45 AM Worship Service on Sunday mornings.
  2. Lead music at 9:45 AM Worship Service on Sunday mornings.
  3. Lead rehearsal with praise band and singers on Thursday evenings.
  4. Select congregational worship music for9:45 service, with guidance from Associate Pastor.
  5. Coordinate with Associate Pastor to update Worship Slides on Media Shout.
  6. Meet regularly with Pastors to assist in planning worship service.
  7. Coordinate logistics for Worship Team, including organizing a schedule for singers and band members, ensure that all necessary sheet music is available, and communicate with scripture readers and communion servers.

Core Competencies:

  1. Excellent sight-reading skills.
  2. Ability to play guitar, piano or keyboard is preferred but, not a requirement.
  3. Proficient in voice.
  4. Excitement about being in ministry in a congregation which is seeking to be deeply engaged in its community.
  5. Comfortable and capable working in a team environment.
  6. Passionate about contemporary/emergent worship in the local church.
  7. Committed to personal spiritual growth and service to others in the name of Christ.
  8. Committed to living a Christian lifestyle and serving as a Christian role model for others.


  1. Experience leading worship is preferred.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.


  1. Expected to be in worship every Sunday (time off according to church personnel policy), at rehearsal every Thursday night, and available to meet to assist with worship planning once a week.
  2. Must be present for Christmas Eve and Easter worship.

Those interested in learning more about this opportunity to serve as St. Matthew’s Director of Worship, please contact Terry Moran, SPRC Chair at or by calling the church office at 703-978-3500.

Assistant Director, St. Matthew’s Week Day School

Position Available:  1 August 2017


Assist the Director with operations associated with the St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church Weekday School (WDS).  Supervised directly by the Director of the WDS and the Senior Pastor and overseen by the Weekday School Board of St. Matthew’s UMC.

Desired Qualifications

  • At minimum a Bachelor’s Degree, with a preference for administration experience
  • Qualifying experience in children’s education, preferably faith-based setting
  • Demonstrated competence in administration
  • Knowledge of Excel, Word, PrintMaster, WordPress, Formsite, Constant Contact, social media
  • Experience with financial administration, budgeting, book-keeping, and cash flow
  • Current certification in First Aid and CPR

Relationship to Church

The Assistant Director of St. Matthew’s Weekday School is an integral part of the St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church.

  • Works with the WDS Director, St. Matthew’s church treasurer, accounting service, and Finance Committee.
  • Participates as a non-voting member of the St. Matthew’s WDS Board which oversees WDS operations. In collaboration with WDS Director, provides financial statements and information to WDS Board as needed.
  • Attend weekly church staff meeting when appropriate.

Leadership / Management

  • Assist Director with supervision and motivation of WDS teachers.
    • Attend all staff meetings and programs sponsored by WDS.
    • Assist the Director in planning and conducting training sessions for staff professional development requirements.
  • Serve as a resource and support for the families of WDS students.
    • Communicate regularly with parents via email, newsletter, etc.
    • Work with teachers in planning parent-teacher conferences.
    • Ensure sensitivity to diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Early Childhood Education

  • Assist the Director with curriculum implementation.
  • Implement current best practices and models of education and faith development, including a working knowledge of developmental milestones for children.
    • Pursue CEU (Continuing Education Unit) opportunities to maintain professional acumen, at least 16 hours of professional development training; up to 8 hours may be obtained through attendance at monthly staff meetings. The remaining 8 hours will be earned through workshops, training programs, online courses and conferences when available and as approved by Director.
    • Conduct regular observation and assessment of WDS students as needed to help with conferences and/or identifying special needs or accommodations.
  • Remain current on best practices regarding children with special needs and accommodations as required by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    • Refer parents to available community resources as needed.
  • Assist the Director in planning field trips, special events, and attend WDS functions.

Business Operations

  • Work with the Director to manage the daily operation of the WDS office.
  • Assist with the opening and closing of the school in the fall and spring.
  • Plan and budget financial resources in coordination with the WDS Board and Director.
    • Prepare suggested annual budget, tuition, and student fees for review to WDS Director and WDS Board annually.
    • Responsible for book-keeping, accounting, budgeting, and cash flow management
    • Work with Director and WDS Board on fundraising for WDS.
    • Submit monies collected and bills received to SMUMC accounting service
    • Maintain inventory of supplies, snacks, and equipment
      • Order school supplies as needed
    • Receive tuition payments, provide receipts, and follow-up on delinquent payments.
    • Coordinate Lunch Bunch reservations, fees, and staffing.
  • Ensure compliance with State and County codes, regulations, and licensing pertaining to early childhood program services (health, safety, etc.)
    • Renew school license.
    • Meet with the health department officials in coordination with the St. Matthew’s UMC Board of Trustees as needed.
    • Ensure staff and teachers are up to date on CPR, First Aid, and MAT certifications.
  • Report maintenance and facility issues (including playground) to St. Matthew’s UMC Board of Trustees.
  • Assist with management of registration, including advertisement of deadlines and maintaining a wait-list when needed.
  • Assist with maintenance of confidential student files, including required medical forms.
  • Assist with arrival and departure of preschool children (Kiss & Ride)
    • Maintain current Kiss & Ride numbers.
    • Ensure pick-up and drop-off authorizations are in order.
  • Assist with other duties as needed.


  • Maintain communication with staff and parents (mail, email, phone, website, etc.)
  • Manage WDS website and Shutterfly share-sites for each class.
  • Greet visitors and conduct tours for prospective students.

Job Hours

  • 25 hours per week, 5 hours per day, 8:30AM – 1:30PM
  • 11 months of the year: August 1 – June 30

Those interested in applying please contact Terry Moran, SPRC Chair at or by calling the church office at 703-978-3500.

St. Matthew’s Week Day School looking for Substitute Teachers

Do you enjoy working with children? Do you have some free time?  The WDS is looking for experienced, reliable, caring and responsible substitute teachers for our classes. To apply, please download our WDS Application for Employment and mail to St. Matthew’s Week Day School 8617 Little River Turnpike Annandale VA 22003.
Job descriptions:
If you would like more information about these positions, please contact the WDS office, 703-978-6242 or send an email to