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Simple Repairs that Can Benefit Health and Safety

  1. Install downspout splashblock or extender
  2. Remove ivy from foundation and siding
  3. Remove small trees and bushes encroaching on home
  4. Prune bushes away from foundation and siding
  5. Prune small tree limbs overhanging the home
  6. Remove debris in yard that provides harborage to pests
  7. Fill in holes in the yard to correct tripping hazards
  8. Provide walk-off mat inside exterior door
  9. Replace loose rug with no-slip rug or install no-slip pad
  10. Install night lights
  11. Install plastic plug in outlets if child <5
  12. Replace burned out light bulbs/tubes
  13. Install stair tread tape
  14. Install bath mat or no-slip strips
  15. Install handheld showerhead
  16. Provide sealable containers for pet food
  17. Install house numbers visible from the street
  18. Clean gutters (1 story home)
  19. Install landscaping pipe to divert water from downspout
  20. Seal exterior gaps, cracks, holes in foundation and siding
  21. Install door sweep
  22. Provide bar to secure sliding door with broken lock
  23. Install battery powered smoke detector
  24. Install CO detector
  25. Vacuum refrigerator coil if accessible at bottom front
  26. Change the furnace filter and provide extras
  27. Install FilterLock cover on furnace filter slot
  28. Seal seams in exposed HVAC ducts with mastic
  29. Weatherstrip attic stairs/hatch to seal air leaks
  30. Move belongings stored on concrete to shelves
  31. Remove furniture/belonging blocking HVAC vents
  32. Remove clutter and tripping hazards
  33. Label utility shut offs
  34. Replace defective “flapper” to stop toilet from running
  35. Relocate or anchor wires and cables that pose a tripping hazard
  36. Set back temperature on water heater to 110-120 degrees

National Institute on Aging’s AgePage

Aging and Your Eyes:

Are you holding the newspaper farther away from your eyes than you used to? Join the crowd—age can bring changes that affect your eyesight. Some changes are more serious than others, but for many problems, there are things you can do to protect your vision. The key is to have regular eye exams so you can spot problems early. Download the pamphlet here.

Veteran Interviews

Rev. Bill Moberly has coordinated the presence of the Americans at Wartime Museum’s Veteran Interview Team at St. Matthews several times.  As part of recognizing and honoring St. Matthews’s veteran’s service to our country, the team has been conducting hour long interviews to capture the meaningful stories and contributions that the veterans made in defense of our Nation.  These interviews will be preserved for future generations at the Library of Congress’s Veterans Oral History Project as well as at the “Now under construction” American’s at Wartime Museum which will be located in Dumfries, Virginia along the I-95 “Corridor of Military History”.

Many St. Matthews’s veterans have been interviewed and we are looking for more!  In addition to veterans of the military, the museum is looking to capture the stories of all Americans who supported our country during wartime.  The Museum has captured interviews with “Rosie the Riveters”, war munitions factory workers, Gold Star mothers, Civil Defense Workers, Intelligence Service personnel and others.  If you are interested in this program and would like to be interviewed, please contact Rev. Bill or Keith McCartney to schedule an interview.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Interviews with St. Matthews Veterans Continues! – Click here to see some of the interviews



Fairfax County Senior Events


  •  Fairfax 50+ Podcasts Features Creative Aging  Creative aging is the focus of the latest Fairfax 50+ Podcasts:Fairfax 50+: 2 Mature Artists Discuss Their WorkFairfax 50+: Organizers Discuss May’s Creative Aging FestivalFairfax 50+ Podcast is a radio-style interview program on activities and interests of mature adults in Fairfax County.  Hosted by Jim Person, each program is approximately 20 minutes. Find the full archive of Fairfax 50+ Podcasts. Please be sure to share these shows with friends by emailing or posting on Facebook!
  • New 50+ Library Page The Fairfax County Public Library made it just a little bit easier to find programming of special interest to 50+ residents. It’s new Fairfax 50 and Better webpage categorizes library resources into three sections:  Things to do at the Library, Things to do Online, and Find Your Next Read.  So go ahead and discover just how easy it is to join a book club, take a computer course, sign up for an author’s lecture, read to a dog, research your family tree . . . or even just order a book.  The library’s new 50+ page is an initiative of the Fairfax 50+ Community Action Plan.
  • Free Tax Prep Assistance AARP Foundation once again will offer income tax preparation assistance by trained volunteers. The free service is available for low and moderate income taxpayers, with special attention to those 60 and older. The Foundation also offers online advice. Find tax aide locations and more information.  If you worked in 2015, and earned less than $54,000, you may qualify for free tax preparation assistance from IRS-certified volunteers. Tax sites open from January 24-April 16. Find convenient sites throughout the county, what you need to bring with you and more.
  • Who’s Calling? Beware of Phone Scams Fairfax County Police warn that telephone scammers skillfully prey upon their victim’s emotions. They try to scare people with threats, provoke anxiety by claiming to be a loved one in distress or elicit trust by posing as someone in authority. It all leads to the same place: Turning over money to a criminal. Learn about common phone scams and how to protect yourself or a loved one from falling prey at the Fairfax County Police blog.
  • List Your Emergency Contacts with the DMV The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is registering residents for the Commonwealth’s Emergency Contact Program, a program that allows law enforcement to notify family or friends in the event of a serious crash or other emergency.The free program is available to residents with a valid Virginia driver’s license, identification card, learner’s permit, commercial driver’s license, or temporary driver’s license. Find out more and sign up!
  • Green Spring Gardens is located on 4603 Green Spring Road, Alexandria.  Register through Parktakes Online or call 703-642-5173.
  • 40 Years of the Golden Gazette! Listen Now! Editors of the Golden Gazette Discuss the History & Future of this Timeless County NewspaperSubscribe now to the monthly Golden Gazette.


National Council on Aging.  The National Council on Aging is also an excellent resource for senior adults.

Fairfax County Services for Older Adults (assistance hotline, current topics of interest, health & wellness services and activities, community events, etc.)

Shepherd’s Center of Annandale – Springfield (The Shepherd’s Center of Annandale – Springfield is a non-profit interfaith organization sponsored by area congregations and community groups to serve older persons in the Annandale, Springfield, and Falls Church areas of Northern Virginia.)

George Mason Senior Citizen Waiver Program Under terms of the Senior Citizen Higher Education Act of 1974, eligible Virginia residents (requires legal domicile for one year) that are 60 years of age or older are entitled to enroll to audit (no academic credit received) up to three academic credit courses per semester and pay no tuition or fees, except fees established for the purpose of paying for course materials or laboratory fees.

Senior Care Guide from A senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses and other loved ones.


Medicare Open Enrollment Oct 15-Dec 7 2019