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St. Matthew’s Weekday School is an outreach of St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church.  The Weekday School provides a part-day educational program that cultivates school preparedness, social and emotional intelligence, and Christian faith enrichment for children between the ages of two and five.  The Weekday School believes that children of all backgrounds and faith are precious to God, and as such all children deserve a safe environment in which to learn and grow.

St. Matthew’s Weekday School has an enrollment of 102 children. Classes are typically comprised of up to sixteen students, a lead teacher, and one or more assistant teachers in the Preschool classes and six to eight students, a lead teacher, and one or more assistant teachers in the Toddler classes. For enrichment, there is a music and movement teacher on staff. All teachers are experienced professionals who truly enjoy working with young children


About Us

Our Philosophy:  Children’s early years provide a foundation for growth and development for the rest of their lives. As children grow, they go through an orderly series of developmental stages that are basically the same for all children. The rate at which children progress through these stages can vary dramatically from one child to another. The program at St. Matthew’s Weekday School is based on the philosophy that each child develops at his/her own rate. To facilitate and maximize individual development, we create an environment that encourages children’s curiosity about the world and provides opportunities for thinking creatively and making decisions and choices within appropriate limits. Above all, St. Matthew’s provides an environment where love and respect are shown for each child and where all children learn to love and respect themselves and one another.

Our Curriculum: What is the Role of Curriculum for Early Learning Guidelines?

  • Curriculum for young children is based in their primary learning mode- PLAY.
  • As the ELG are used to plan curriculum, young children need to be active learners, making choices among appropriate activities and materials, developing persistence and problem solving skills, and learning to work with and among others.
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum is child-centered, rather than adult-centered, but is orchestrated by the adult to meet young children’s needs.
  • Using the ELG, adults must be careful observers of children’s interests, progress, and learning, and be adept at using multiple techniques to craft the curriculum to the individual children in their care.
  • The domains and benchmarks provide a framework for this curriculum planning so children can experience a comprehensive program during their early years.
  • The dispositions and skills that children develop when they are young serve as the base for successful learning in elementary school and beyond.
  • Fairfax County Early Learning Guidelines pg.3. 

St. Matthew’s UMC Weekday School has adopted the Fairfax County ELG as a guide for our preschool curriculum. 

Fairfax County Early Learning Guidelines


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