St. Matthew’s Weekday School follows the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) policy for severe weather.

If FCPS is closed, then St. Matthew’s WDS is closed.

It is the parent’s responsibility to know when the county schools will be closed.¬† There are several ways to find out about school closings:

  • Channel 21 on Cox and Verizon Cable
  • WTOP AM 1500
  • WMAL AM 630
  • FCPS “Keep in Touch” System

Anytime you feel the road conditions are dangerous and want to pick up your child early, please do so.



Whenever you are concerned about local or national security and want to pick up your child from school, please do so. Children will be dismissed to parents/guardians UNLESS there is a lock down order issued by the government. Depending on the threat, we will move the children to the classrooms underneath the social hall until we receive further instructions from emergency services officials. In order to provide for your child in the event of a lockdown, we have provisions stored to accommodate your children. We will notify families in the event of emergencies through our Facebook page and our Remind Me App. The class code for remind me is @6fcahd. Please download the app for alerts.


Fairfax County St. Matthew’s Weekday School
  • ONE hour DELAYED opening
  • Preschool classes: Arrive at 10:00 am (dismiss at normal time)
  • Toddler classes: Arrive at 10:15 am (dismiss at normal time)
*Lunch Bunch is held as usual.
Fairfax County St. Matthew’s Weekday School
  • ONE or TWO hour EARLY closing
  • Preschool classes: 12:00 pm dismissal (No Lunch Bunch on Wednesday¬†or Friday)
  • Toddler classes: 12:00 pm dismissal

St. Matthew’s Preschool follows FCPS regarding make-up days for closures during inclement weather as long as the days are made up DURING the normal, published calendar year.